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Advancing Innovation in Dermatology

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Fostering community and innovation in dermatology

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Advancing Innovation in Dermatology


A not-for-profit organization committed to fostering community and innovation in dermatology. Their mission, an ecosystem to nurture relationships with individuals and organizations with a common interest in developing and bringing to market practical dermatologic solutions for medical practitioners and their patients.

The Challenge

The Solution

Our objectives were clear. As a new non-profit company, our first priority was to establish a strong brand identity before defining our overall digital strategy. We worked closely with our client to develop a unique brand that accurately reflected their values and mission.

Advancing Innovation in Dermatology Logo Design

Once the brand identity was established, we created a simple, yet easy-to-navigate website with extra thought focused on flexibility. This approach allowed for seamless explanation of events and programs, and enabled our client to easily manage their website's content. In addition to creating the website, we also provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure it continued to meet our client's needs and remained up-to-date with the latest design and accessibility standards.

With Time4design's innovative design approach, AID was able to establish a unique and professional online presence.

The Results

A reputable non-profit organization within their industry

Our approach of establishing a strong brand identity and implementing a user-friendly website design with a focus on accessibility and conversion optimization helped our client achieve their digital goals and establish themselves as a reputable non-profit organization in their industry.

Our Role

Launch Advancing Innovation in Dermatology (AID) Website

We are so pleased to be working with time4design. For our redesigned website their skills, professionalism, and responsiveness are truly outstanding.

William Ju, M.D FAAD, President and a founding trustee

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