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Dragonfly Psychological Associates Website Design

Dragonfly Psychological Associates

Company Overview

Dragonfly provide high quality psychological care backed by the latest research, tailored to families and individuals. A website redesign was required to engage and educate their market without sacrificing communication imperative for vital next steps of contact.

The Challenge

Searching for care can be quite overwhelming especially in the area of psychology where there are already so many choices available from a general web search. Communication is a key ingredient between a psychiatrist and patient, so in return a website should also convey enough detail, educating the reader to reach out and make first contact in what could be a very sensitive situation.

Our challenge was to generate relevant information to the forefront, create a seamless user experience, and enhance visually dragonfly's symbolism of change, growth and maturity.

The Solution

Focused on a complete website overhaul, time4design's strategy focused on a two step strategy. First refreshing Dragonfly's branding by simplifying their logo from its original state. Retaining brand recognition, the dragonfly symbol would also adopt to social media profiles quite easily using their dragonfly avatar.

Dragonfly Psychological Associates Website Design

Second was a full website redesign integrating an easy to use, custom CMS solution. Our research helped understand what best practices should be involved to facilitate a deeper interaction with the audience and understand what preferences are truly preferred. This was a combination of analyzing other groups and statistical information.

Calls-to-actions are strategically placed throughout the website to capture new leads by directing visitors to contact Dragonfly through either a phone call or the online contact forms.

Online visibility overall would be improved with each service area focused on custom SEO optimization with the possibility of long term aggressive strategies.

The Results

Fully equipped to easily share their services and expertise

Dragonfly Psychological's new website is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. From a welcoming homepage, website visitors can easily navigate to the area they need. They can explore services, be educated and contact psychologists – directly on their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Our Role

Launch Dragonfly Psychological Associates Website

Absolutely excellent!

Michael Cassano, Ph.D., Co-founder & Co-director

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