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Eastburn & Gray, P.C. Website Design
Eastburn & Gray, P.C. Website Design

Eastburn & Gray, P.C.

Company Overview

The tradition of excellence at the law firm of Eastburn & Gray, P.C. began over 140 years ago and continues today. With law offices in Doylestown, Bucks County, Bethlehem, Bucks County, and Blue Bell, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the group provide high quality legal services.

The Challenge

The Process

Branding, Design, and Identity

An effective logo should be simple, memorable, versatile, and distinctive. These qualities are important because they help a logo stand out from competitors and make it more recognizable to customers. Eastburn & Gray's logo met all of these objectives by using a modern design that also reflected the company's 140 years of culture and professionalism.

The use of solid colors was particularly influential in the design process. By selecting a range of bold and sophisticated colors, the design team was able to create a logo that was both eye-catching and timeless. The colors also helped to communicate the company's values and expertise in their field.

Eastburn & Gray, P.C.

Overall, Eastburn & Gray's logo is an excellent example of effective logo design. It captures the essence of the company's brand and is memorable, versatile, and distinctive.

Web Design and Layout

Eastburn & Gray, P.C's visual direction for their new branding was chosen to be crisp and clean, using elegant typography against white backgrounds, with colors of blues and yellows to reflect their brand values. This combination created a professional, credible and trustworthy company image that appeals to a wide audience seeking law services.

In combination with a new content structure and user experience strategy, Time4design improved device accessibility by using responsive web design. This ensured that the website was easily accessible on any device, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. To ensure that each page printed beautifully, the team carefully crafted each element using CSS, which adapted to any screen size. This attention to detail ensured that the website looked great both on-screen and in print.

Overall, the combination of a crisp and clean visual direction, the use of blues and yellows to reflect the brand, and the technical improvements in device accessibility and print quality, resulted in a website that truly reflects Eastburn & Gray, P.C.'s professionalism and commitment to excellence in their field.

The results are a creative, elegantly designed professional site, backed up by new established identity and branding.

Custom Website Development

One of the most comprehensive and valuable features of Eastburn & Gray, P.C website is their directory search. The team built a custom web system that allows advanced searches for lawyers specializing in a particular practice area of law. This feature is incredibly valuable to potential clients, as it allows them to quickly and easily find a lawyer with the specific expertise they need.

The directory search is followed by custom profiles that are beautifully organized and easy to print or save as a PDF. These profiles provide potential clients with valuable information about the lawyer's background, education, experience, and areas of expertise. This builds trust with potential clients and helps them make an informed decision about which lawyer to work with.

The directory search is a comprehensive and valuable feature that sets them apart from competitors. The advanced search capabilities, custom profiles, and efficient content management system all work together to provide potential clients with the information they need to make an informed decision and connect with the right lawyer for their needs.

The Results

A strong and engaging advantage

By proactively working in all areas and keeping E&G regularly informed on a project management basis, we were able to delight our client.

The results are a creative, elegantly designed professional site, backed up by new established identity and branding.

Our Role

Launch Eastburn & Gray Website

Time4design listened to our needs and delivered a final product that exceeded our expectations. They are professional, prompt, creative and patient. During the course of the project, time4design was attentive and compassionate about the parameters of the project.

N.Gimbol, Director of Marketing

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