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EUROIMMUN are a world leader in the field of Medical Diagnostics. Time4design enhanced online presence, improved search engine visibility and stylish marketing materials.

EuroImmun US Website Design
EuroImmun US

Company Overview

EUROIMMUN US is a subsidiary of EUROIMMUN (headquartered in Germany), a world leader in the field of Medical Diagnostics. The company first began with its innovative IFA BIOCHIP Mosaic technology and has added new technologies such as ELISA, Western & Immunoblot assays.

The Challenge

EUROIMMUN US presented their current website to us and immediately apparent that it was very similar (or clone) to their parent company, EUROIMMUN. However, it was a goal that their redesigned website targeted specifically the US Market and not confuse products offered in Germany. We outlined areas of improvement which included design, content structure, SEO, data capture and overall user experience.

The main complixity for us was to improve navigation and enhance overall user experience in order to better organize EUROIMMUN's product line. Each product was broken down into product and technology classifications, improving user experience and optimization for search engine visibility.

Our team worked incredibly hard to made sure a good line of communication with all teams was consistant, that included regular meetings with United States and Germany offices.

Our Role

Launch EUROIMMUN US website

The overall result: an enhanced online presence with an improved content structure and a look and feel reflecting their industry in a contemporary design manner. The reactions from EUROIMMUN have been incredibly positive as we continue to be there partner.

Wayne Anderson, Executive Director, time4design

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