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An opportunity to balance digital and artistic website design

Mercantile in Doylestown Website Homepage Design

Mercantile in Doylestown

Company Overview

The Mercantile is a collaborative of makers who wish to share their art through dialogue and demonstration, and work together to bring greater awareness to the rich history of the arts in Bucks County.

The Challenge

With a rapidly increasing tenant base of almost 100, Mercantile required a creative presence in the form of a website that would not only make a positive first impression, but also offered a compelling user experience for their visiting customers. With a strict deadline in place of under just two months, strategy, communication, and planning was the ultimate key to a successful project.

The Solution

After evaluation, time4design built a custom website directory, so that each tenant would have the ability to demonstrate and showcase their artistic expressions. With a diverse tenant portfolio, we created a website that is dynamic, busy, and engaging, yet astute, responsive, and easy to navigate.

Mercantile in Doylestown - Artistic Charm

Design has no doubt been a big influence at Mercantile, and we wanted the same for Mercantile' s website. An opportunity to balance digital design and convey each tenants artistic expression.

The website looks great, can't thank you enough!

Brooke Henningsen, Founding Partner

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