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Appealing design and custom development, a new direction for myLymeTest

myLymeTest - Website Design and Responsive Development


Company Overview

If you've been outdoors, especially in wooded areas, tick bites are not only possible, they are probable. The myLyme test is a sensitive screening test that detects Lyme Disease antibodies.

The Challenge

Our deadline was incredibly tight with just seven weeks. Our main objection was to meet all deadlines without impacting quality. This new website would not only provide customers the ability to purchase test kits online, but also act as a useful resource providing general knowledge on Lyme disease.

The Solution

Time4design wanted a large presence for myLymeTest, so we incorporated some stunning visuals and engaging user interfaces and clean typographics. We also wanted to have an organic, earthy feel to the website as a majority of clients would be associated with the outdoors. A fresh balance of green, brown, orange, red and white was used to perfect communicate this ambience.

Our custom content management system allows the group to easily modify material when required, in addition to adjusting payment gateway methods. Select organic SEO techniques were used to help this young company increase conversions in addition to other simple digital marketing methods.

The Results

An online solution to help check for Lyme disease

From an idea on paper, to a full working online service, time4design were successful in helping myLymeTest with their vision.

Our Role

Our company just launched a brand new product with a website for direct ordering. This was a new venture for us and based on recommendations from a colleague, we chose time4design to create the website. From the first telephone conversation, we were convinced that they knew what we were looking for. We are extremely pleased with the work done by time4design in turning our ideas into a much better version of themselves. With a few simple questions, some content, and an understanding of what we were trying to develop, they pulled together a website in less than two months at a very reasonable cost!

Time4design (especially the account director, Wayne) was in constant communication, providing us with options on how to best make the site easy-to-use and customer friendly. They set an aggressive timeline for delivery and actually produced a demo website ahead of schedule. Wayne was very easy to understand in spite of the technical processes that were being developed. He offered solutions to some of the challenges and the promise that enhancements were available as our product grew. Our thanks in getting this project done in record time and providing us with a website that is well-designed, functional, easily navigated and visually appealing. We look forward to working with them on additional products.

Konstance Knox, PhD, CEO and Founder, myLymeTest
Marsha Jahn, MS, Director, myLymeTest

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