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Raytech USA

Company Overview

Operating in the suburbs of Perkasie, Bucks County, PA (with their parent company in Switzerland) Raytech specializes in electronic measuring instruments and systems.

The Challenge

This modern, 'forward thinking' company chose time4design as their ideal partner to help them achieve their vision of success.

Raytech's market are highly specialized, so it was imperative that web design was simple, with product information quite easy to find, yet, communicated effectively, and system applications easily downloaded.

Design integrated bold elements, high-contrast colors with a simple adaptation that would not distract or confuse users, with brand recognition consistant thoughout.

Launch Raytech USA Website

Time4Design exhibits a great combination of professionalism and down-to-earth qualities. Our company, Raytech USA, was interested in a complete redesign of our old, outdated website. Wayne Anderson and his team not only helped us to create our website, but they also helped us to create company branding. The website was done on our schedule, was within our budget, and the process even included a training session on the software involved. We are so thrilled with the work, and enjoyed working with Wayne and time4Design so much, they are redesigning another website for our sister company. Thanks, again, to time4Design for helping our company compete in the internet marketplace!

K. Kriebel, Raytech USA

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