Sasakawa USA

Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA

How Understanding Your Audience and Goals Can Drive Success

The Sasakawa USA Journey

Background and overview

Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA is a non-partisan 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to deepening the understanding of and strengthening the relationship between the U.S. and Japan for the benefit of a free and open international community. Its activities mainly focus on security and diplomacy, through exchanges, dialogue, analysis, publications, and networking.

Our Process

Strategy and research

To create effective communication strategies, it is essential to understand your target audience. This involves asking questions such as who your audience is, what they should experience when visiting your website for the first time, and what the primary goals and outcomes of a user visit are. Based on these questions, we developed a custom research plan to understand how Sasakawa exchanges, dialogues, analysis, publications, and networking activities are communicated.

Site Architecture

We conducted a comprehensive content audit based on our knowledge and understanding of the user's needs and objectives. Interactive sitemaps and wireframes helped us ensure that the final design would provide a seamless user experience from start to finish.

Sasakwa's programming activities are categorized into four areas, each emphasizing thought-provoking engagement in specific places.

Sasakawa USA Mobile Views

The Results

Where sophistication meets timeless design, a website with the ability to envolve and grow.

Our Role

Thank you for your wonderful support and patience as we worked on the new Sasakawa USA website. I love it so much!!! It's always a pleasure to work with you, so thank you!

Shanti Shoji | 荘司 シャンティ
Director of Programs | プログラム・ディレクター

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