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Does my website need a Blog?

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Recently a trend for most websites are to own a Blog. Blogs can be an excellent section of any website, sharing thoughts, articles, reviews and content associated with your product or service. At the same time, allowing your customers to leave comments, testimonials or feedback. Not so long ago a blog really was used as a public diary, but now has grown into a powerful social media marketing tool.

So, do you actually need a blog for your website you might ask? Search Engines ‘love’ blogs due to fresh content that is considered as valuable resource for readers. Blogs can help build credibility in a more informal manner resulting in ‘faster’ indexing, together with inbound links resulting in higher rankings for more terms which, in turn, will lead to increased visitors.

Blog benefits are:

  • Link building
  • Deep, topical links (links related to specific subjects across a website)
  • Unlimited keywords (target keywords for potential customers)
  • Valuable resource for potential market
  • Fresh content (can help increase the frequency and depth of search engine spidering)

An overall Social Media Marketing Plan should integrate a blog, and time4design will help you define your requirements. Owning a blog requires a certain amount of management, time and patience. Content should be written on a consistent basis therefore creating a schedule should be part of the social media plan.

So, if you have a website and are considering a blog, or perhaps would like to incorporate a blog with an overall redesign, send us a email at time4design. Blogging will help bring in traffic and improve online success.