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Explaining Logos, Branding and Identity

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In the world of business, one of the most challenging parts of modern management stems from branding. While most associate the idea of branding with big-name hitters such as Disney, Starbucks and Apple, the truth is that any business can build itself up to be a brand. Branding isn’t just about how big a business you are: it’s about having a commitment to let your ambitions define how your business comes across.

The first thing that we associate with a brand, of course, is the logo. From the font that Disney uses to the large apple that makes up the Apple branding imagery, it’s easy to spot the little things that make a brand stand out. However, a brand is more than just the logo.

  • A Brand is your image as a whole – what you want your business to stand for in the years to come.
  • An Identity is the visual parts of the business that stand out – the themes, the colors used, the styles, layouts: the small elements that come to mind when looking at the business.
  • A Logo is, of course, the simplest way to remember the business. It’s supposed to be the first visual point of contact, and the easiest way to remember/describe the business to someone.
Logo, Identity, Branding Process Chart

However, many businesses in their confusion make the mistake of conflating or combining each of these as one. A Logo is not your Brand, and your Brand is not your Identity. They all play their own specific roles within the way that your business manages itself. From the way that your business tries to sell itself to the images it uses to categorize that, all three of these factors play major determining roles in how people remember your business, or how they utilize your services/products.

The Brand

Build Your Brand

The brand, then, is the personality of your business. What do you want to be remembered for providing? In essence, your brand is supposed to help make your business the solution for X, Y or Z.
Remember, though, that the brand is not just the visual appeal – it’s the philosophy and the mind-set behind the visuals. A business that is all about ecology and green thinking, for example, isn’t likely to go down the route of using colors such as reds or purples: they’d stick to a more natural look.

The Logo

Logo Design

The logo, though, is the protagonist in all of your marketing. A good logo is used to be the “Oh, yeah!” moment for all of your potential customers. It’s what helps to form an identity with what your business stands for – and that is very important.

The logo, then, plays more than a role of artistic design. It’s supposed to also help create an image that becomes easily recognized – like a calling card for your business. Your logo is supposed to be mental wording that helps to categorize what your business can provide.

The Identity

What is Identity?

The identity of your business, lastly, is the make-up of everything from your logo to your marketing campaigns. Whether it’s how you communicate with customers and other businesses to how you try and represent your business visually, you’ll find that the identity is many abstract features rolled into one.

They should be built upon trying to fit in with the framework that your original ideology defined. It’s important to remember, then, that all three of these factors are connected, but they are not identical. Without one, it makes the other harder to connect with and believe in.

If you are determined to build a business identity, find the philosophy that underpins that, and create a logo that personifies that.

Thinking forward

If you wish to discuss how we can develop your brand or provide graphic design for your product or business, perhaps now is the time to make a start. Our Branding, Design & Identity services are used by many companies throughout the Bucks County, Philadelphia area and nationwide.

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