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The art of web design when owning a small business

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Are you a small business owner? As part of your marketing strategy, you are already quite aware that a website is imperative in order to meet your business goals. However where do you start in web design and development? You have a budget and want a big company website at a price you can afford. Time4design caters not only to medium size and corporate structured companies, but also for small business web design – providing solid solutions, creative design and award winning results.

Small Business Professional Web Design
For some, a first thought is to download a website template available from another website. Too good to be true? It is cheap, looks good and ‘should’ serve its purpose. Honestly, at the end of the day, you do get what you pay for. Time4design has served many clients who have thought exactly this.

Templates are not custom designed for your business and over time will have little flexibility for growth. It will be quite common for another business to share the same template and with that fact alone, may not be optimized correctly. Some templates may be created specifically for CMS (Content Management), but how much of that website can you actually control? Will it require maintenance or upgrades and over time will it adapt to future browsers? Cost then becomes a controlling factor when there is a combination of fixing issues and interpreting source files (if no proper documentation has been provided). A custom web solution might have been a better direction.

So is it true to say that excessive pricing might be holding you back from taking the necessary steps to move forward? Time4design typically does not offer packages, instead we work with you and accommodates what requirements you need from a website. Similar to buying a car…do you actually need GPS navigation if you are perfectly fine without? After a preliminary first meeting, a long term plan is created detailing a breakdown of cost and strategic website requirements.

Best small business web design
Time4design ensures that your website is well planned, creative, easily navigable and has relevant information specific to you business. Time4design guarantees cost savings and is able to give you the best small business web design at a reasonable price. Entrust the task of web site development to us and you will soon see your business grow. Give us a try by calling us to today with a free consultation.