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Captivate your website with content marketing

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Google impressively updated search algorithms 14 times during 2013. These updated were included in releases of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. The on-going Google strategy has propelled marketers to rethink SEO plans and create engaging campaigns that are relevant to client goals.


From a client perspective, for some it is quite easy to blame Google for changes that have resulted in negative rankings, but realistically, why should websites with dishonest practices gain position and overpower clean, authentic websites? Google, at the end of the day, are trying to make the quality of ‘search’ clean, relative and honest!

However, there is still no question that SEO should continue to be part of a company plan to gain positive search rankings.

Content is the ultimate key

Over the years we have stressed the importance of many SEO and SEM areas, however, it is certain that content marketing will remain to be the most important strategy required. If a website lacks well written, promotional, relative content, rankings may drop and potential clients will miss your door of opportunity. It is ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ that really matters, and most seem to miss this ‘simple’, but important fact. Based on this information alone, SEO professionals and companies need to be questioning themselves with the following:

  • Resources: Do you have the staff and time to create new and engaging content?
  • Scheduling: Has an accurate schedule been organized to post articles, social media content, and company press releases?
  • Audience: Is content speaking to a target audience relative to the company goal?
  • Maintenance: Will a strategy be managed correctly and efficiently?

It is questions like the above that really do help for long-term growth. The following are some suggestions that may help prepare such a content marketing plan.

Planning an outline

Plan out in advance what content, articles, and press releases should be scheduled during the year. Social media will require the most attention, while website content may need routine updates each month. As an example, time4design has incorporated internal web calendar technology for clients that schedule blog articles. This drastically improves time management for you or your staff so that other important projects may be attended to.

Content Management

If content creation is not a strong point or if there are not enough resources, it might be beneficial to hire a team to create your content. Time4design clients have discovered this process, particularly after completion of a website redesign. A beautiful, polished website will only work as long as it is cared for and correctly maintained. Only then will this determine positive search rankings and successful campaigns results. Existing content will be reviewed, managed and consistently updated in addition to articles specifically tailored on a subject area of importance.

Content marketing obviously requires a fair amount of effort. Contact time4design for your website assessment, discover how YOUR rankings can be improved!