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Let’s talk about WordPress

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A cost effective strategy for any business is to take on the responsibility of editing their own website. The ability to change content, add imagery, and build new pages is a smart decision, but of course requires a platform that functions well and meets business goals.

So what is WordPress?

WordPress has been an incredibly popular content management system in recent years with an estimate of 22% of the world’s websites using this technology. That’s a staggering number, considering as of July 2013 there was an estimated 46 Million downloads. The platform is well known for blogging, but of course it is a much more effective tool if ‘designed and developed’ correctly to power a websites editing abilities.

WordPress 2014 ScreenshotClean install of WordPress 2014 running Twenty Fourteen Theme

Plugins and Themes

After a general install (as pictured above) some common knowledge is most certainly required to get started. So how do we do that?

WordPress is enhanced with plugins which are personalized for a websites specific needs. Free or paid, these tools can do anything from setting up a simple social media ‘like’ or perhaps an extensive eCommerce solution. Themes are the actual design of your website and are created by your web design team. Custom themes (branded templates) like any other website must be designed well using best usability practices and standards.

WordPress Administration

Administration allows a user to login in to make the actual changes to the current website. During design stages your web design team will explore specific functionality of your website. time4design provides its clients with design drafts and architecture that examines how each page will work. WordPress comes with its own functionality, but it is the skill of the development team that will make WordPress an easily used CMS to edit your website and use custom tools.

WordPress Dashboard Screenshot 2014WordPress Dashboard after installation

Finished WordPress Results

A custom WordPress solution that has been researched, planned, designed and developed will deliver impressive results.

Boyer Management Grouptime4design client ‘Boyer Management Group’ powered by WordPress

Let us know if you have WordPress questions or any other CMS platform by contacting time4design. WordPress continues to evolve into an impressive and competitive content management platform, however the decision to use software must be right for you and your business goals.