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Web Trends for 2013

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Yet another year has gone by as 2012 draws to a close, so what should we expect in 2013? Last year time4design discussed the impact of responsive web design, simplicity, and user experience (Web Trends for 2012). 2013 web trends appear to be forecasting another year of mobile, usability and stylish website design. As a business should these transitions be seriously considered?

Responsive Design for web, mobile and tablets

Throughout the year time4design has made our clients aware of how responsive web design (or RWD) will ultimately impact business. Without a doubt, new desktops and mobile devices will be introduced on the market 2013-2014, and certainly will vary in screen size and increased resolutions. The ability for a website to respond to the device in use makes it incredibly convenient from all perspectives, ensuring a great user experience. Such an efficient solution means that multiples websites do not have to be designed for each mobile/desktop. If you are curious to determine if a website uses this solution, adjust the size of your browser. If it adjusts automatically, RWD has been part of the website’s coding.

However, is this something that should be considered for every industry? At the moment, responsive design is viewed as a premium service and may not be necessary for overloaded websites with vast amounts of information and graphics. In other words, it is not a service that can be just integrated, but more or less effects those that are considering website redesigns and usability improvements. It may not affect those who do not require a mobile solution, however that percentage is becoming lower each year. A large majority of users, especially those ‘on the move’ will use tablets and mobile technology. Research alone has determined that 22% of adults own a tablet, a majority using iPad.

Simplicity and style in design for 2013

During 2011, time4design discussed the advantages of simplistic design. We firmly believe that stylish design should enhance the service or product regardless of what industry it is. Now for those who may not be fine tuned with their creative side, consider these methods to better communicate your brand. These are just some new design styles expected for 2013 and beyond.

  • Larger buttons
    Touch devices are on the increase, expect larger buttons as part of a design.
  • Creative Typography
    Creative typography will add a creative flare and engage your user.
  • Infinity Scrolling
    The idea of loading content on your page without ever having to click on another page. For Example, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.
  • Slideshows using parallax or vertical scrolling techniques
    The ability to create 3D landscapes that give the illusion of depth.
  • HTML 5 and CSS3
    As older browsers become obsolete, HTML5 and CSS3 should take on a stronger role in addition to scripting languages such as jQuery.

SEO & the Social aspect

It’s a difficult task to predict what might happen with SEO during 2013. As Google changes their algorithms to combat black hat or poor SEO tactics, an SEO strategy should always be firmly in place. Social media websites have strengthened so it sends a clear signal that this should be part of a stronger campaign for business. Does this mean, however, that you should have every social media network that exists? No not necessarily. It’s important to consider what will ultimately work best for your business and use the social medium to help strengthen the message or brand. An unattended or un-updated social networking platform is counter intuitive to your branding/marketing plan.


It is without a doubt 2013 will be another great year of change. As with all technology, there will of course be some unexpected surprises. Time4design look forward to lead ‘your business’ ahead of the modern curve.