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Do websites work for Nonprofits?

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Today’s nonprofits require some extra innovation and creativity when it comes to broadening reach and engaging new audiences. Organizations can no longer rely just on direct mail, events, and phone calls to raise awareness for their cause.

Smart nonprofits realize that investing into a website and a solid digital marketing plan is overall the best strategy to choose. Traditional campaigns can be quite time-consuming and obviously results are much more positive if staff are emotionally involved with each campaign. Online marketing is an efficient process to create the extra awareness that each campaign requires so that charities attract like-minded individuals and engage donors efficiently while best managing time with other areas of importance.

What can a website do for my nonprofit?


In order to meet company goals, your brand and mission needs to be known. An online strategy is the best method to create awareness in a cost-effective manner.


A website that has been custom developed specifically for your cause will allow visitors to contact you directly. With use of integrated software, your website can register information for those who are interested in helping your cause. When the time comes to promote new events or campaigns that require an extra boost, information will be readily available to use for your digital marketing campaign.


Nonprofit websites are the best tools to promote new relationships. Social sharing plays a key role in brand discovery, allowing you to communicate with new potential volunteers and advocates. Social websites will not only connect you with donors but open up new exciting networks with other companies that share similar visions just like yours.


Every non-profit starts with a story – a meaningful event that captures the sole and heart of those who wish to help. A website can facilitate in conveying your vision, explaining the true nature and impact of how your audience can help its cause. Websites connect you with like-minded individuals and build a case for ongoing giving. Featured case studies highlighting donor contributions can demonstrate to others why a campaign goal is so important.

What makes an effective nonprofit website?

  • A website should be creative, engaging, and communicate effectively your message to potential donors and target audiences. The design should be optimized for all devices (responsive web design) so that a it may be viewed easily on any device or platform without any display issues. Technology has moved on quickly in society, so understanding and opening up new pathways should be an overall objective.

A website should be creative, engaging, and deliver effectively its message to the potential donor.

  • Strong content should encourage those who believe in your cause. Content should be active and updated frequently, as this is what will stimulate your target audience, capture their interest and have them return again and again.
  • Encourage the use of social media to drive extra traffic and raise awareness. Custom websites can be designed to share information with a variety of networks. Word-of-mouth can be an incredible method to really get the most out of your campaign, so take some time and connect on a new level.

Choosing the right web design agency for a nonprofit?

At time4design we have helped many nonprofit organizations with their cause, helping them gain greater visibility and reach. Realizing your potential with time4design is not only the logical choice, but the best choice. To find out more, contact us or give us a call at 215.766.7885.