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Local SEO v’s National SEO

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When starting out with your first SEO campaign, how do you begin? Do you go local or national?

Some like to take on the world, while others might just want to focus on more concentrated market. When considering your first step, take into account your type of business, your budget, and your expectations.

Local SEO campaigns make use of geo-keywords that are specific to your business, area and audience while keywords on a national basis will cast a wider net.

For example, let’s pretend you are a doctor based in Philadelphia. It is going to be obvious that your client base will be in the surrounding area. Such national keywords as ‘doctor’ or ‘doctor pa’ will be irrelevant to your business, but ‘Philadelphia doctor’ or ‘medical doctor philadelphia’ would be a far more suitable geo-keyword. National keywords come into play more when you are a business offering products or services with a cross country or even global reach.

So, which is better? It’s safe to say that a local campaign would take less time for expected results that national. Without a doubt there will be much more competition on keywords in a national campaign and your budget will be a contributing factor. Keywords that are competitive are expensive and will take longer to optimize from an organic SEO level.


If you are new to SEO, it might be beneficial to start with a local campaign and work your way towards a bigger market. A small, yet highly targeted audience will produce satisfactory results for your SEO campaign. Speak with a time4design consultant today to review your goals and create the strategy that ultimately will help you succeed!