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SEM and SEO Campaigns

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The most important thing about online marketing is that it is much different in comparison to modern marketing methods. It has been our recent attention that many mistake SEO and SEM as being the same thing, when in actuality they are quite different.

SEO (generally under the SEM umbrella) refers to ranking a website organically, while SEM refers to marketing, gaining traffic and position via paid placements and sponsored listings such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns.

Organic SEO has long lasting outcomes, in terms of time it may take a month or more to start seeing positive results in search engines. Many factors are considered such as your competitive market, website age, relevant keywords, and of course how well your website has been optimized. An organic SEO campaign is something that should constantly be monitored to correctly maintain your success. Just because you may receive more customers does mean that now is a good time to stop.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) generally obtains faster results and remains intact as long as services are being paid for. Successful paid placement tools include Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. Keywords registered directly ‘deliver information’ for a product or service. Of course Google is not the only search engine available, so it is equally important to establish a campaign with other search engines. As cost can be a controlling factor, it is important to have an SEM plan and management structure in place to obtain successful results.

Even if you do prefer a SEM campaign, it is equally important to invest into an SEO campaign as it could considerably reduce your overall cost. Contact time4design for your free consultation, we help you chose what strategy is right for you.