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Using Instagram as part of a digital marketing strategy

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Instagram represents one of the largest opportunities to drive a brands engagement with its target audience, strengthening social media strategy.

The platform has shown significant growth over the last 6 years and it has been forecasted that this mobile-based photo and video sharing network will only continue to grow as it generates an average of 80 million photos each day.

That’s not all, to date since 2010 there have been:

  • 400 million active users, 26% (US), 76% (International)
  • 40 billion photos shared
  • 3.5 billion likes daily

Next generation of social media

If Instagram is not already part of your digital marketing strategy, now might be the time as it is perfectly positioned to benefit in the future. With a 100% mobile user base, nearly half of its active users (49%) check the platform daily, and a high percentage of users under the age of 29.

The best way to start an Instagram campaign

Social media builds awareness and extends your online network. The benefits of Instagram create a truly unique personal experience for each of your followers, allowing them to see not just random ad, but an inside view of your company, product or service. Take for example a company outing, a new product line, events, special offers, contests or even an extension of your business personality. Creativity is the key, but it also requires smart strategy.

Start with the right tools

Thankfully not all of this social media experience has to be managed by mobile, there are great tools such as Iconosquare and Webstagram at reach. Creating an easier experience to like, comment, follow and respond, they certainly will help a business make the most of their time.

The Hashtag Strategy

When starting a campaign, invite users to join your hashtag so that they may share the experience with their own followers. Good interaction is highly recommended, so once a strong community has been established make an effort to follow back and interact.

Hashtagging increases the likely hood of being found during searches, but it is worthwhile to spend some time and research what hashtags should be used. Unique hashtags specific to a brand may not help a business get discovered, but popular hashtags are more likely to work. Such top hashtags to date include:

1. #love (936,556,088 posts)
2. #instagood (495,800,001 posts)
3. #photooftheday (360,399,879 posts )
4. #tbt (349,269,921 posts)
5. #cute (340,572,243 posts)
6. #me (332,498,013 posts)
7. #beautiful (327,649,981 posts )
8. #happy (323,258,235 posts)
9. #followme (321,749,488 posts)
10. #follow (315,432,805 posts)

Post at the right time

Considering the timeline of your posts has a great impact on being seen. On average time4design believe suitable times are towards the evening hours (after business hours), but best timing continues to be under debate. The best approach is to analyze what has worked for your company, optimizing past results with IconSquare. This helps you highlight best times and days during the week.

Best times to post on Instagram
The dark rounds indicates when you usually post media (repartition by hour horizontally, and by days vertically). The light grey rounds shows when your community has been interacting. The biggest light grey rounds are the best times for you to post.

Brand your imagery

Even if a random photo has been posted to a profile, it is important for it to be recognized or connected with your brand. Make sure your details have been included, brand your posts with a logo, colors or perhaps a tagline. Take for example time4design’s recent Instagram posts:

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If used correctly, Instagram can be an incredible visual element to your social media strategy and a lot of fun too. The most effective strategy will be how you take advantage of it.

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