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Is Social Media for Lawyers and Law firms?

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Social media for most legal industries appears to be an afterthought. Law firms are cautious and skeptical to what ‘could be’, but rather align their thinking to why it would even be beneficial, and if the time and effort is actually worth it. Could it be that that the idea of client confidentiality, and commitment to the billable hour has created this apprehensiveness?

Yes, quite obviously a lawyer should never share legal advice through social media, but this does not mean that there is not the possibility of connecting with prospective clients, providing law firm updates, and industry news. Lawyers should also realize that social media does generate real return of investment (ROI), perhaps not immediately, but with consistent efforts, over time it will pay it forward.

The fact of the matter, social media should be part of a current law firm digital marketing strategy. Used correctly as a competitive advantage, it creates a fluid opportunity to connect with new clients and expand strategic thoughtfulness.

What are the social media benefits for law firms?

Create brand awareness

In comparison to traditional media, audiences are spending an incredible amount of time searching for information on social media. Each platform will be tailored to a particular audience, therefore having a consistent social media presence in front of the right audience will reinforce your law firms’ message and increase awareness of specialized practice areas you offer.

Thought Leadership

Positioning yourself as a Thought Leader, a recognized industry expert will build authority and influence, an opportunity to stand out. The great, and most successful thing with social media is the ability to promote services, in a more appealing, and to a more dedicated target audience. A law firms’ website details in depth information on each area they wish to represent in a court of law. With so much information this presents the ideal opportunity to showcase expertise and service areas.

Attracts potential clients

Promoting case studies and practice areas on social media overtime will start to generate favorable outcomes. A consistent content strategy will start to formulate new relationships as your law firm reputation and online profile strengthens, demonstrating commitment and value.

Strengthening organic SEO

Although the relationship between SEO and social media is not clearly defined, it does exist. Optimizing social media for SEO relates to social signals such as likes and shares. Keeping a relevant profile, regular post updates, and shareability through your audience improves rank and visibility.

Competitive intelligence

Extremely valuable to a firms strategic planning, social media can be an ideal tool to understand what competitors are doing in order to make appropriate decisions.

How should lawyers and law firms use social media?

In order to get started, its essential to understand what ultimately is required for law firms to utilize social media correctly, the following are some very brief, yet basic steps to get started.

Choose your platform

Set goals using the right social media platform, there are many to choose from, the obvious being Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Understand your audience profile by starting out with one at a time, measuring analytics and responses. It would be useful to have a calendar set with an overall content strategy, understanding what should be shared, and how frequently.

Inform your audience

As we covered earlier, the law industry is a massive field of valuable content. As a law firm, industry and law firm news updates can be shared with your audience, and over time develops credibility to a firms experience in a specific area of law.

If perhaps a larger law firm, showcase individual lawyers, demonstrating their experience and expertise, which in return will strengthen the value and position of your law firm.

In addition to content, provide interesting statistics, tips, quotes in visual forms, using graphics and images. Visual interests will attract your audience, and convert into interest, and follows.

Connect with your audience when there are messenger requests, and utilize social listening tools to understand chatter online that might be related to your law firm.

Expand your brand

There is so much more to a professional law firm than the services you offer, take for example achievements, stories, and events. Sharing this information will not only expand your overall brand and identity but present a much more realistic perspective to what your law firm values. In return this will expand credibility and support with your audience. Take Eastburn & Gray, located in Doylestown, they have a tremendous method of sharing supported events.

Social Media for Law Firms and Lawyers – Final words

A social media digital marketing strategy is essential for all sized law firms wanted to promote growth, and better connect with prospective clients. Having analyzed all the points above, you too may now understand the crucial benefits that will help your law firm succeed.

Need some help with your social media? Let’s talk, showcase your law firm and empower the possibilities.