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The Social Media Connection

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Social Media quickly became one of the top ways for any brand or individual to drive more traffic to their website, receive targeted leads and build a relationship with their following.

It is imperative to have a social media presence throughout the web using networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Yelp. Each of these networks offers different tools to reach your audience and attract different users; making it important that you has an active account on each of the networks.

It can be difficult staying informed and updated each network on a daily bases though. Using a Social Media ‘Management’ Platform can help you increase productivity and easily manage all of the different accounts. Let’s take a look at all of the 5 top Social Media management platforms:

HootSuite – By far the most popular and widely used management platform is HootSuite. This robust platform allows you to track conversations, receive analytical data about accounts in addition to being able to easily collaborate with multiple users over an unlimited about of accounts.

SproutSocial – This social media management platform offers a great user-interface by having a single stream inbox that was created to make sure you never miss a message. The tools will assist you in seamlessly post on your behalf and schedule message on the most popular platforms.

Buffer – If you need a management platform that heavily focuses on scheduled content sharing then Buffer is your best choice. It is in a way a ‘virtual queue’ where you can schedule updates on a consistent bases and never need to worry about micro-managing your updates.

SocialOomph – One of the original Social Media management platforms is SocialOomph. Much of the emphasis with this platform is on Twitter; allowing you to auto-follow any new follower, easily clean your DM inbox and schedule tweets on a consistent bases. A great platform to create custom settings and then no need to sign in ever again.

SocialFlow – Unique, dynamic and analytical are three words that explain this platform. One of the best features of SocialFlow is being able to watch real-time conversations in order to better understand the optimal time to publish an update for the best follower retention and views.