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Creative Web Design – A Better User Experience

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If you are thinking about having a website created for your business, you might have already heard of the term ‘User Experience’ and how necessary this phase of web design is. If this is a subject that you have not heard of and you ‘do’ own a website that is experiencing low traffic or sales, it might be a good time to consider an overall redesign. However, let’s take a few steps backwards and discuss what is User Experience actually means to the general user. Just like many products that go thought quality control and market research, websites also must have a number of guidelines to ensure maximum usability and effectiveness. User Experience (or UX) defined means how a person feels when interfacing with a website (or indeed some type of human-computer interaction). User Experience is the evaluation and analysis of (but not limited to):

    Web Design Strategy
    It is obvious that users we will choose a good quality product, so it is equally correct in saying that we will use a website that achieves our sole purpose for visiting. Great web design keeps the user focused, but for how long if navigation elements are poorly designed or content is hard to locate. A frustrated consumer is going to do no one any good!

    In order to make sure your website meets with expectation, it is first important to discover what those needs are. Identifying how content is accessed and examining the target audience, time4design creates a website architecture that becomes our overall strategy when designing a website. By focusing clearly on results defines a better user experience and ultimately a happy customer.

    An Enjoyable Experience
    User Experience is an incredible large subject area and we are just at the tip of the ice berg, yet it is quite clear that users who have a consistent, enjoyable experience are more than likely be the one ones who return. At time4design we design our websites for a better user experience and would be happy to speak with you to discuss this imperative research and analysis phase.