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5 Reasons Why Smart & Attractive Web Design is Essential to Lead Generation

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At time4design, we know your promotional services are only part of what make your business a success. Smart and attractive web design further enhances the presentation of your brand and services, leading to more effective lead generation.

Is your website design over 5 years old? Your customers have probably noticed. If your website is difficult to navigate, hard to read, or lacking in essential information, visitors will leave. You’ve got a lot to lose if your design is not as compelling as it should be.

Great website design makes your business even more successful at generating leads and is essential as part of an inbound marketing plan! Here are five reasons why.

1. Great web design engages your visitors

Design isn’t all about statement, there is much more to it. Making the experience for your visitor worthwhile is the first step to engagement. Tell the story of how your business got started—show your prospective customer that you’re got more than an impressive homepage, follow through with well design subpages that are strategically designed to convert.

Engage your visitors with impressive website design

Keep your design simple, overwhelmed visitors won’t stay to engage with your brand. By allowing them to participate naturally through intuitive design, you allow them to feel like they’re already part of your brand and what you offer, therefore enabling a more successful lead conversion.

2. Intuitive layout and goals make your site accessible

Offer your visitors a well-designed layout, make your site fully accessible and easy to navigate and think about your main goals. Strategically designed pages have an easier time of converting leads into customers, especially when it comes to the homepage of your site.

Goals should be simple—do you want them to see your products? Sign up for your newsletter? Offer a chat? Whatever your goal is, make it easy to understand and communicate effectively. Confusing messages and goals will have a greater probability of reduced interest, and your visitors will leave due to a bombardment of with mixed directives.

Website Design - Above the fold

Ensure that the message is relatively close to the top of the homepage, or as some may refer to as ’above the fold’. Homepages designed with large amounts of content should effectively be encouraged to scroll to avoid a lower percentage of conversion.

3. Begin to establish trust with your visitors

Research shows that opinions are formed quickly and trust should be earned, as do they with websites in about a fraction of a second. This profoundly is the amount of time your design has to make an impact on your visitor, initiate their interest, and establish trust!

Google Analytics

Your web design can do this by making information accessible and easy to see and understand, ensuring that any awards or news mentions are showcased, and using high quality photos that show your business is run by actual people who care. When your site is easy to navigate through thoughtful web design, your users sense transparency and you begin to establish trust, which is essential for any successful company.

4. Beauty and functionality can make or break the experience

You want your visitor to have the best experience on your site, but you also want your site to look fresh and appealing. Poorly designed sites are viewed less trustworthy as those that touch the modern curve and adapt to various desktops and device, otherwise known as responsive web design.

Modern web design

You can improve accessibility while also making your site clean and easy to understand. The beauty of your site should mesh seamlessly with its functionality. Both of these qualities of your web design can either engage visitors or push them away. Data should absolutely be a part of your design process to effectively establish the beauty-functionality relationship, therefore appealing to your visitor on both an aesthetic and user-friendly level.

5. Customers can easily find what they need

A customer is visiting your site for a reason—they’re looking for information on a product or service. What content needs to be totally accessible to your customers?

Content and design website design strategy

Customers need to be able to easily find what they need and your web design could make the difference between gaining and losing customers. Sparking the interest of prospective customers isn’t just about targeted content—smart and attractive web design makes this content accessible and well presented, further engaging your visitor to read, enjoy, and see what else you’ve got to offer.

Final thoughts….

Is your site optimized to generate and convert leads? Your web design is more important to your customers than you think.

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