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Benefits of Agile Website Design

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Most website designers and website developers are used to something called the waterfall process or methodology, a traditional approach to product development. It is carried out sequentially and has more rigidity to workflow and thus can prove to be less effective in certain situations.

Yet, there is a new and even better methodology for design, and that is the agile design process.

Agile methodology is generally referred to as an iterative and an incremental method of project management. It is based on continuous improvement, the flexibility of input, and delivery of quality result.

Waterfall Web Design and Development Process

Why did it change?

There have been many changes in the last six years that ultimately have altered how website design and development projects should be approached. People have gained a greater understanding to how a website should perform, and ultimately what results should be expected. Content Management systems have become, by default, a fully integrated default product allowing a reasonably trained individual to make updates when required. Efficiency, performance and speed are expected by a more, educated target audience, and therefore so should how we approach the creation of a website. Waterfall (the traditional method), a step-by-step process, although still has a purpose in our market, has now graduated to agile, eliminating redundant time and speeding up delivery for the client.

What are the benefits to using Agile Web Design

There is no doubt that agile has been a better method for designers. The benefits of using the agile methodology are numerous, this includes:

  • Transparency
  • Faster launch
  • Improved quality
  • Focus on core business values
  • Reduced risk
  • Saving cost
  • Easy adaptation to change
  • Great communication
Agile Web Design Process
Above: Agile Web Design Process Example


The agile methodology uses an approach to work that enables the client to be fully involved in every stage of the project, from the drawing up of the project plan to the prioritizing of the iteration process and review of sessions, and the creation of new features.

It is worthy of note that this particular method creates a team-client transparency relationship which creates a healthy environment for the whole process in the project, all procedure is known, all methods are as well stated clearly compared to the traditional method of design in which the different stages of the project is only known by that stage expert. For example, in a website development project, the person in charge of the stage of design is only concerned with his section of the design. The same applies to the development stage and also the testing stage.

Faster Launch

Contrasting launch time for a traditional website with that of an agile method of creation, we see that agile methodology encourages the faster launch of a project compared to the traditional waterfall procedure. This is because, for a traditional procedure, there is only one launch and that’s at the end of the project. It takes a lot of time to bring everyone’s input into it and you are also faced with a lot of revision before the big launch. Simply put, it cannot be put out in the market until the product is perfect.

With agile website design methodology, the focus is not solely on the publishing of the final product, but on a gradual evolvement while the product is out there. It gives room for problems to be fixed as the product is been used. Moreover, the website gets to the user market more quickly giving room for test and more tests.

Agile Website Design and Development work cycle

Improved Quality

In agile design methodology, since there is regular testing during the work cycle, it means a better opportunity for good quality web design output. Also, by creating frequent test and builds and reviews during iteration, quality is improved by finding and fixing faults quickly along the way. One would also know when he is derailing from the project goals.

With the use and adoption of agile website design methodology by time4design, we have been able to produce quality websites that meet the standards and satisfaction of all our clients.

Focus on values

With the workflow adopted by agile website design, the client is allowed to determine the priority of the features wanted. This interaction creates a better understanding between the client and the project team, thus the project team can interpret the focus point throughout the project. This helps the team focus on what’s more important for the client’s business, and helps provide the best values for the business.

Reduced risk

Agile website design method eliminates the chances of the risk of project failure because the project is regularly tested at different levels of Sprint. Another area where the risk is highly reduced is in the area of the client’s investment.

Pause for thought: A ‘sprint’ refers to a set period of time during which a certain task or activity is completed and then reviewed. Generally, and on average a sprint lasts 30 days.

The client can monitor their investment at the end of every sprint and is also able to see the market appreciation of the website. This is far better than the traditional methodology whereby the funds are released, and the client is not able to track project progress. The client gets to know if whether their website is successful or not only at the end of the project. Moreover, some clients are given designs that do not meet their taste and are unable to get the full value of the invested fund.

At time4design, we ensure that all our clients get the expected value for their investment. We are dedicated to reducing the risk to the barest minimum.

Cost and faster ROI

Agile website design is iterative therefore its features are delivered incrementally, therefore the corresponding benefits are realized early in the design process. The fact that the product is released fast gives room for alteration of design with respect to customer reaction and satisfaction. This, in turn, gives the client an edge over the competition.

With agile website design, the client is fully involved in defining project requirements and the cost associated with each level. There is always an open discussion with the team about every cost involved.

Rather than a traditional up-front cost, payments are regular installments as the project progresses from one stage to another. Clients are shown the associated cost with each Sprint stage and able to cut back from non-essentials, reducing the overall cost. This becomes much more manageable long term, earning a reduced budget allows potential spend on other services that can help elevate goals such as PPC, organic SEO, social media, etc.

Easy adaptation to change

With agile website design methodology, both the client and the project team are able to adapt to changes based on the responses of the users, clients, as well as the team. Also, changes can be made because of cost or budget reasons. The change could also come in terms of adding new features to the project. It is as flexible as flexible comes.

Great communication

Over time, traditional design methods have been faced with the challenge of communication between the project team and clients. As such, trust is either very low or not built at all. Sometimes cases of lost jobs or wrong job due to a misunderstanding of project goals are experienced due to the bad client to team communication.

The challenge of communication has been overcome by the agile website design method whereby at every Sprint the client is fully involved and trust is built faster.

With good communication, project milestones and project goals are met faster, improvements are made, and the focus is set on the client’s vision for the project.

At time4design, client goals are communicated expressly to the project team, and we ensure delivery of the best to the satisfaction of all our clients.


Time4design, is dedicated to balancing digital website design and development with business goals. Using the agile approach significantly reduces processes, delivering a website in an efficient amount of time, within a reasonable budget and avoiding unwanted cost.

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