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Copyright Awareness

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If you were to conduct a search on ‘copyrights’ you would find a vast amount of information, discussions and regulations, so in this case we are briefly introducing the area and how it is associated with your company’s website.

What exactly is copyright infringement on the web and how is this different with traditional print media? There IS no difference, laws of copyright apply on a website just as they do in magazines, books, artwork and photography. If you the client have created the content, shot the photography or designed the logo, the law gives you protection for your work. Only with the authors permission are you allowed to use or copy material.

With this in mind, time4design trains our clients who may not be aware of copyright regulations making sure that material used in no shape or form belongs to another author. A typical example we have come across are the use of images. Although Search Engines such as ‘Google Images’ will allow a user to search for various imagery does not mean the the material may be used freely (unless again stated by the author). Imagery must be purchased from a licensed photo stock or public domain library.

Just Ask.

It really is quite simple, should you wish to use someone elses material, contact the author directly for permission.