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Had a screen resolution checkup recently?

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How does screen resolution effect web site design and why as a company or business owner should this be an important part of your online strategy for long term success?

The term ‘screen resolution’ refers to the number of individual pixels that fit within a given space. When we’re discussing an X by Y resolution, X refers to the number of pixels that the monitor can display horizontally, while Y refers to the vertical limit.

A website should look good and perform well for the vast majority monitors. If your website is unappealing or difficult to navigate due to poor design, you may be missing on a client possibility.

Let start off by taking a closer look at recent statistics: – browser statistics

What does this tell us? As of January 2011, a majority are using higher resolutions than 1024X78, so a website should at ‘least’ be designed to this specification, also taking into consideration that resolutions will increase over the forth coming years.

The solution

Most websites designed today will factor in screen resolution, you could say it is a web design standard. Some creative websites already include ‘fluid’ style layouts that consider users who may have larger screens. This is a clever strategy to take as you already have considered a market who use larger screens.

What about an existing website?

So how does this affect you if you already have a website that might be starting to show its age? All is not lost! A simple redesign may be all that is required and time4design are here to help. We would be happy to give you a full consultation including screen captures that provide you with an insight on how your website looks in various resolutions. We also take into consideration smart phone technology and tablets such as the iPad. Although not ‘all’ websites are designed ‘yet’ for this technology, it is still a standard here at time4design. High quality website design is our strategy for your business.