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Small business website design success

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If you are a small business owner, it is exciting and rewarding to pursue one’s passion, and the unique challenges with entrepreneurship. Here is an interesting fact. Did you know that half of small businesses nationwide do not own a website? That’s according to a survey completed this year by Clutch.

For most, the reasoning was based on cost or the fact that a website was not actually relevant to their business. It is hard to believe why a business would not have a website, but the evidence apparently states otherwise. It has been said that a business can fail within five years, reasons of course are quite varied, but it is obvious to us at time4design that not owning a website can only can cause more harm than good.

So for the 50% of you that might be thinking of taking a positive step forward, now would be a good time to consider the addition as part of your marketing strategy. After all, most consumers seek a website first in order to decide on a service, product, or find information. Establishing a presence online heightens your chance to business success.

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Effectively, a successful small business website will:

  • Acquire new sale leads
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Help sell a product or service
  • Increase sales and ROI
  • Provide marketing analytics
  • Provide valuable in-depth information

Website Budget Concerns

small business website budget

Cost will be the huge deciding factor, fortunately there are options for many small businesses in digital marketing and website design that can make it work in the long term. A small business can easily have all the features of a large scale website; it is just a matter of creating a strategic custom plan that covers what services areas are absolutely required. Similar to purchasing a new home, there can still be plans for custom basement, but before the basement we want to make sure the rest of the house is functional. We need a kitchen, a bathroom, a living area, and so on. For a small business the strategic needs come first, so this might be defined as starting out with the following:

  • An adaptable CMS system
  • Simple design adaptable to responsive
  • Key website content that details services, your company
  • Simple call to actions for lead generation
  • Social media links
  • A blog and newsletter signups

Other areas of eventual growth could eventually be

  • Event calendar system
  • eCommerce, payment gateway integration
  • Creative extras
  • Custom CMS additions
  • Plugin Development
  • Automated systems

Choosing the best agency

small business website agency

For most reading this, we can rationalize that most are researching best options for their first website or potential redesign. (now imagine if we did not have a website, how hard would that be). Weighing up the right digital agency should be based on the following.

  • Strength and quality of portfolio
  • Design style
  • Websites are custom designed and developed
  • Local or easy to reach when required
  • Does not offer an out of the box package, essentially renting a website
  • Guarantee quality, turnaround time

The simple benefits of effective small business website design start with you

effective small business website design

Building a brand, and creating awareness for your products, best achieved with a professionally designed and simple website that converts.

Owning a website will allow you to outperform your business competitors and win the target audience’s interests. In turn, you will enjoy more lead generation, increased sales and ROI since you will easily convert your site visitors into potential customers.

For us at time4design, we value relationships with our clients for long term success, so it’s best to make sure there is the perfect synergy.

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