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Web Design for Manufacturing Organizations

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Without question more people will see your company website than speak with your sales team. The whole point of a manufacturing website is to help increase sales.

Whether your company fabricates equipment for use in other industries, or products produced for a particular purpose, if a website does not excel there is no doubt sales will have a downturn. Make sure your company website is well represented by considering some of these solid practices.

Are comprehensive product pages clearly defined?

One of the main reasons a manufacturer website is visited is to find out more detailed information of the product. The quality of the information and ease to which it can be located makes a huge potential difference from you and your competition. For example, does the website have a search engine with filtered results? Are there many steps involved to reach product information? Are sidebars correctly optimized with drop down menus? These questions and more should be part of the planning and strategy process in order to avoid any preventable obstacles.

Product Manufacturing Web Design

Are products showcased?

As a manufacturing business, one thing your customers will want to see first are showcased products. This can be achieved through use of video, animation and perhaps previews of future products yet to be released. Homepages should feature top selling items while product pages provide enough visuals making it easy for the customer to imagine how it can be integrated with their business.

Will your manufacturing website have a consistent message?

Persuading a customer to take action is not only about aesthetics and style, a manufacturing business must ensure throughout a consistent message is present. A good looking manufacturing website is important, but appeal should not be the only drive of such a large marketing investment. It must be in line with the business values and its brand. Content should be focused, avoiding clutter or unnecessary distractions. Brand recognition should be present on every page, reinforcing the company’s promise of satisfaction and delivery.

Are credentials clearly present?

A reputable company is a trustworthy company. The opinions and feedback of others become an important role play in the mind of a customer. It is worth including valuable testimonials, certifications, memberships, charity, associations and standards the company has received or takes part in. Reassure your audience that your company offers not only the ideal product, but provided by the most dependable company.

Are there enough call to actions (CTA)?

Essential digital marketing is a requirement for all business websites not just manufacturing. To ensure there is a follow up with inquiries, a call to action (CTA) such as ‘get a quote now’ should prominent on pertinent web pages. Online forms should ask for accurate information and provide such details important to the potential sale. In some case it might be worthwhile to offer such incentives as eBooks or guides that attract customers to provide contact details for email marketing.

Choosing the right web design company

When it comes to choosing the right web design company, manufacturers also need to ask themselves are they choosing a proficient team that can handle the most important sales tool that represents the organization. An educated web team can go a long way, and it will show! A manufacturer should partner with a local web team as collaboration will be the key and vital importance to understand the culture of the company. Opting for time4design might just be the most logical decision to increase your sales!