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Have you considered content for your website?

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So we have your website underway. Wireframes look good. Site Architecture has been completed and our initial design concepts are exceptional! Now, have you considered content for your website? Don’t panic – website content is one of the initial stages time4design will review with you in combination with early design drafts.

In our experience, website content for some appears to be one of the last aspects considered, and should be one of the first essential elements to be included. In all fairness most company’s will have a preliminary draft of what they eventually will include, but for some content might just be a few paragraphs.

Is there a need for a copywriter?

It depends on the nature of the business, for example commercial websites may require a more functional sales style. A technical or educational website may need some structural formatting. A copywriter will essentially rewrite and direct a websites content so that it may be understood in easier terms by the reader. A copywriter may also help with early SEO strategies.

Some businesses will already have some form of marketing material, catalog structure or media. It is this time4design will use, breaking down into categories, integrating with the overall sitemap architecture (a flowchart that illustrates website in working form..i.e. home, about etc)

In summery, even if you decide not to use a copywriter, it is always our recommendation to have content reviewed by another party. Having second opinions from all backgrounds can considerably improve your content.