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Goodbye Internet Explorer 6?

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It is finally happened and to be quite honest, very happy to drop this once wonderful browser. What sarcasm you say? For years IE 6 has been quite an issue for most web design houses with the main fact of not supporting key web standards that are required of most modern websites of today.

The fact that IE6 was required as part of all cross browser design techniques meant much waste of time and money to the client and the designer. Such large companies as Google and Facebook no longer support it and global usage is around 3.5%. Take a closer glance at:

I sometimes wonder however if this 3.5% percentage is not a majority of us (the developers) trying to figure out how to make a website function correctly and not so much clients, but this is wishful thinking.

IE6 and the Client

Alternative browsers such as Chrome, or Firefox are being used by most of your customers in addition to IE 7, IE8 and IE9. However, there are cases where a specific audience will still use IE6. Time4design will review these facts with you.

An IE6 redirect has been activated on our own website that recommends the upgrade of the browser. Of course we do not want to lose out on any market, but at the same time we want the best for all potential clients, using modern and contemporary methods.