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Web Hosting Solutions with time4design

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Host management options available can be an incredibly overwhelming task. No matter what technical expertise you might have, choosing a trusted web services partner that can help you along the way is a critical decision for any company.

Many time4design clients rely on us to help them make this important decision. Based on the complexity of your website will define what type of web hosting package is the best solution.

Let’s start with the follow hosting solutions:

Shared Hosting

The most popular option, your website is located on a server whose resources are shared with other websites. Recommended for websites that may not have huge traffic or intended traffic ‘spikes’.

  • Advantages: Cost
  • Disadvantages: Reliability (99.9%) and Performance
  • Optional: Some packages include performance upgrades at a higher cost
Dedicated Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, all resources are specific to your website. Additionally dedicated servers are built, tested and configured by your websites requirements, designed for high traffic and performance. Like most actual servers a management package is required as some hardware/software may be needed.

  • Advantages: Reliability and Performance
  • Disadvantages: Cost
  • Optional: Virtual Architecture (or cloud hosting)
Cloud Hosting (Dedicated Virtual Hosting)

Introduces the flexibility and power of a dedicated server, yet the most cost effective solution in comparison to dedicated hosting. Similar to dedicated, all resources will be specific to your website, but in a virtual environment (often referred to cloud hosting)

  • Advantages: Reliability, Performance and Cost
  • Disadvantages: Resources tied to virtual cluster
Our website is down!

Unfortunately web servers do go offline. Usually related to hardware failures, power outages and natural causes (weather). This could range anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days, if you are lucky enough it is not on a business day. Should the same problem occur time4design will help you take the necessary steps to switch to a new package or server.

Some web solutions that use a dedicated solution may require onsite and offsite failover. This configuration ensures the least amount of downtime if a server was to fail. A mirrored server in a different physical location would activate once the primary server has ceased to function. Of course this option would be recommended for websites with incredibly high traffic in addition to losing clients and money.

  • Advantages: Reliability, Performance and minimal downtime
  • Disadvantages: High cost!
Anything else?

There are many custom tailored solutions, but hopefully this is a good start to help you with your choice. All of our web solutions include complimentary training on hosting. If a problem does come up, you have time4design to call. That is always a safe decision!