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Choosing imagery for your website brand

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It has been well documented that we ‘see’ before we ‘read’. Visual design most powerful tool is the use of imagery. Creatively designed advertisements that use strategically placed imagery will successfully speak to a target audience who are looking for a service that you provide. In some cases it could even be cognitive; imagery that has worked so well we remember it at a time when in the market. How many times has this happened to you?

Although visual elements communicate your brand quickly, this does not mean that content is not as important; there must be a perfect balance between the two. Imagery must support your content so that it adds value, communicating your message and goals. So how do we do this in web design?

Primary imagery should be concentrated in the following areas:

  • Logo
  • Content
  • Navigation

Low profile areas may also use imagery, but it is important to make sure your audience full attention is within a high profile area. It has been noted earlier that it takes just 7 seconds for someone to leave a webpage, this is a good example of when strategic placement is reinforced. A stunning website design, beautiful imagery and good content makes sure to capture your audience’s attention.

Design that complements Imagery

Stunning web design is the ideal recipe of content, imagery and color that work together in harmony. All time4design websites use contrasting space and gentile color to effectively communicate a clients brand.

Fresh white space can help a user focus on high profile content while graphics are applied in a suitable proportion.

It should never be a scenario where there is so much content and imagery, that your audience do not know where to start, let along what message you are trying to communicate. It is best to be economical, the selection of fewer graphics will convey your message successfully.

How to choose imagery that works?

time4design will work with you, our direction will help you use existing imagery in combination with such vendors as Shutterstock, iStock who provide Royalty-Free Stock Photography. Our guidance will impact your customers and give you that competitive edge. If it is time for an initial website redesign, time4design are the team to talk to in Bucks County.