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Redesigning your website architecture

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A majority of time4design clients approach us with website redesign projects. Reasons usually include age or expectations having not met original objectives. During Phase 1 of time4designs research and analysis, an important step is to design a logical website navigation path for all users to follow. Architectures focus on a clients ‘customer’ or ‘product’ – a simple, intuitive navigation that reduces the number of clicks to reach their objective. In other words you can find the information you are looking for ‘easily’.

Architectures typically will include:

  • Global navigation
    Primary links that will appear on each page (home, services, contact)
  • Local navigation
    Links that map appear on subpages in the form of a second menu or regular text links.
  • Utility links
    Typically considered as links found in the header or footer, sitemap, terms, privacy policy, feedback etc.

Improving User Experience

Recently we introduced User Experience and its importance in website redesign.

“Great web design keeps the user focused, but for how long if navigation elements are poorly designed or content is hard to locate. A frustrated consumer is going to do no one any good!”
Creative Web Design – A Better User Experience

Architectures help define a good user experience illustrating the ability for the user on any platform to access what they are looking for. Typically it is recommended that information should be found with no more than 3 clicks. Homepage designs are much more straightforward, featuring product or company highlights. All other pages should be logically created, content tailored with the client in mind with the addition of all relevant links.

Advanced website studies may include conducting appropriate usability research to collect feedback from a specified target audience. In addition, ‘visual blueprints’ or ‘wireframes’ may be created to demonstrate how users will interact with the website. Wireframes help pinpoint early design ideas and communicate the location of important content and links.

If you are thinking of your next website redesign, contact your bucks county website redesign team and we help you understand how website architectures will improve your customers user experience and ultimately reflect in better sales.